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Thematic Working Groups on Monitoring and Evaluating the CAP

The European Evaluation Helpdesk for the CAP organises Thematic Working Groups (TWG) to find practical solutions to specific issues related to the evaluation of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

Each TWG typically includes members of the Evaluation Helpdesk’s permanent staff as well as selected external experts with relevant knowledge. The topics addressed through a TWG are decided by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development (DG AGRI), in cooperation with the Evaluation Helpdesk and in consultation with EU Member States. DG AGRI staff and EU Member States' representatives are also invited to contribute to specific TWG activities, when appropriate.


  • Provide important input related to CAP monitoring and evaluation in terms of methods and approaches.
  • Bring together specific groups of designated experts to address a particular monitoring and evaluation need or topic.
  • Produce guidance on a specified topic or suppor the development of methodologies that can address a particular CAP monitoring and evaluation issue.

Ongoing Thematic Working Groups

Assessing CAP income support interventions

The purpose of this Thematic Working Group is to guide EU Member States in the design and implementation of CAP income support evaluations, with a focus on assessing their effectiveness and efficiency.

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Assessing the Added Value of LEADER

This TWG has the objective to provide methodological support to EU Member States for the evaluation and demonstration of the added value of LEADER.

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Use of factors of success in evaluation

The objective of this TWG is to show EU Member States how to operationalise the 'factors of success' in CAP Strategic Plan evaluations, with a specific focus on the assessment of key evaluation elements.

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Previous Thematic Working Groups

Evaluation of AKIS

The overall objective of this TWG is to conceptualise and operationalise the methodological guidance that EU Member States may need in assessing the functioning and improvement of AKIS and its impact on innovation uptake by farmers.

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Animal Welfare Indicator

The first TWG of the 2023-2027 programming period from the European Evaluation Helpdesk for the CAP has the overall objective to provide support to the European Commission in the assessment of animal welfare supported by the CAP.

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