The governance (organisational structure) of the European CAP Network is based on an Assembly and a Steering group.

The Assembly is the overarching body that provides strategic guidance for networking activities.

The Steering group is the operational and coordination body ensuring that the Network’s activities are coherent and complement each other.

This organisational structure was used by the previous European Rural Networks, namely the European Network for Rural Development (ENRD) and the European Innovation Partnership for Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability (EIP-AGRI) network. The ENRD and EIP-AGRI networks merged in October 2022 and are now part of the European CAP Network. The current structure builds on the positive experience of the ENRD and EIP-AGRI networks.

The members of the Assembly include representatives from:

  • Managing Authorities and Paying Agencies responsible for national CAP Strategic Plans;
  • National Networks;
  • LEADER Local Action Groups;
  • Farm advisory services;
  • Research institutes active in innovation activities linked to projects run by EIP Operational Groups;
  • EU-wide non-governmental organisations active in the field of agriculture and rural development at the EU level; and
  • Organisations representing regional or local authorities active in agriculture and rural development at the EU level.

In addition, three Subgroups of the Assembly will focus on thematic work with CAP stakeholders and EU Member States’ administrations regarding:

  1. Subgroup on LEADER and territorial development (SoLTD);
  2. Subgroup on innovation and knowledge exchange (SoIKE); and
  3. Subgroup on CAP Strategic Plans (SoCSP).

The European CAP Network structure and its operation are defined by the Commission Implementing Decision (EU) 2022/1864 of 5 October 2022 setting out the organisational structure and operation of the European CAP network and repealing Implementing Decision 2014/825/EU.

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