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Thematic Groups on CAP Implementation

The CP organises up to five Thematic Groups (TG) per year, selecting members from a public expression of interest. TG members (ca. 40 people per TG) represent a small but dedicated cross-section of informed and engaged CAP stakeholders from different parts of Europe who actively participate in meetings and other networking and knowledge-sharing activities.  

Stakeholder-driven and time-bound, the TGs produce useful resources, including case studies, reports and videos. 

The thematic work developed though the TGs contributes to the three General Objectives of the CAP:

  • fostering a smart, competitive, resilient and diversified agricultural sector ensuring long-term food security;  
  • supporting and strengthening environmental protection, including biodiversity, and climate action, and contributing to achieving the environmental and climate-related objectives of the Union, including its commitments under the Paris Agreement; and  
  • strengthening the socio-economic fabric of rural areas. 

Ongoing Thematic Groups

CAP Strategic Plans: Monitoring Committees

An opportunity to discuss innovative approaches for setting up and operating Monitoring Committees, share good practices, and explore how Monitoring Committees can support the implementation of CAP Strategic Plans through networking and engagement.

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Nurturing Skills for a Thriving and Sustainable Agricultural Sector

Exploring needs and opportunities for the development and update of agricultural skills.

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Design and Implementation of Eco-schemes in the new CAP Strategic Plans

Reflecting on the eco-schemes currently being implemented, and sharing experiences on what is working well and where improvements might be made for coming years.

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Supporting the Mental Health of Farmers and Farming Communities

Identifying the most important, urgent and achievable goals to foster the mental health and well-being of farming communities, particularly farmers.

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Green Architecture: Designing Green Strategies

Sharing experiences about the different approaches Member States chose in the implementation of the Green Architecture.

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Explore the work of previous Thematic Groups

Rural Youth Employment: the Voice of Rural Youth

A holistic exploration of mechanisms to support the employment of young rural people, including job market developments, global trends, policies and funds.

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CAP Strategic Plans: Towards Implementation

A platform for all stakeholders involved in the design and implementation of CSPs to exchange on key features, challenges and processes.

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Supporting the Needs of Forest-Dominant Rural Areas and Municipalities: Laying the Groundwork for a Network under the Forest Strategy

Exploring the socioeconomic and environmental needs, issues and opportunities for forest-dominant rural areas and municipalities - and their communities.

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Strengthening the position of farmers in the Organic Food Supply Chain

Exploring current approaches to cooperation in the organic value chain, highlighting good practices and identifying potential areas of intervention.

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Landscape Features and Biodiversity

Bringing stakeholders together to discuss how to encourage improved diversity, coverage, connectivity and condition of landscape features within the farmed environment.

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