Thematic Group on CAP Strategic Plans: Towards Implementation

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EU Member States will implement the new CAP with a CAP Strategic Plan (CSP) at national level. Each Plan will combine a wide range of targeted interventions addressing the specific needs of that EU country and deliver tangible results in relation to EU-level objectives, while contributing to the ambitions of the  European Green Deal.  

All CSPs have been approved, and the Commission has also prepared a series of 'At a glance' overviews of the individual approved CAP Strategic Plans.  It is anticipated that National Networks (NNs) will be operational at some point after the relevant CSP has been approved (timings will vary between Member States).  

The application of partnership principles building on the principle of the subsidiarity and on the multi-level governance is fundamental to the successful and effective programming, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the CAP.  Effective implementation of CAP Strategic Plans will rely on an inclusive approach involving public authorities, economic and social partners, including bodies representing civil society. 

This EU CAP Network Thematic Group (TG) provided an early opportunity to bring together a selection of EU level stakeholders alongside NSUs, Managing Authorities and Paying Agencies involved in the design and implementation of CSPs to exchange on the key features, challenges and processes required to take the CSPs forward, ensure governance and transparency, and foster coherence and synergy across the multiple tools of the CAP Strategic Plan addressing CAP objectives, taking account of key actions outside CSP contributing to/affecting their achievement.  The Thematic Group also provided an opportunity for members to consider the scope for an ‘internal’ CSP exchange, with a view to identifying key outputs that could inform the work of the newly established Sub-Group on CAP Strategic Plans and be more widely shared in any future CSP stocktaking exercise. 

The objectives of this TG were to:  

  • Identify key topics and exchange on similar approaches and areas of common interest.  
  • Identify and explore early models of implementation (including the setting up of inclusive and effective Monitoring Committees) that can be shared across Member States, including any key enabling and deterring factors. 
  • Consider how peer exchanges and learning between MS on CSP implementation could be successfully applied. 

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