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As a stakeholder of the EU CAP Network, you are pivotal to the Network's success. Sharing initiatives within your network can significantly enhance the reach and impact of the activities of the EU CAP Network.

The material on this page can be freely used. It includes a range of resources and materials designed to enable you to best communicate about the activities and initiatives of the EU CAP Network, as well as instructions on how to spread the word about your own actions more easily.

For an in-depth overview of the EU CAP Network's functioning and structure, it is recommended to read the first edition of our Magazine.

Regarding the broad range of ongoing and upcoming activities, the Annual Work Programme, which is regularly updated, provides all the relevant information.

Your commitment as a multiplier is key to building a more informed and connected community across Europe. The EU CAP Network's support teams thank you in advance for your contribution.

EU CAP Network logo

We invite you to download the EU CAP Network logo and the instructions for its usage in the box below.

Please make sure to read the visual guidelines carefully. These include:

  • The logo must be used with its paper texture in the background
  • Exceptions only apply to websites with default banners (see examples)
  • Protection zones must be respected

Do you need any information on the European Commission 'Funded by' signet? Please consult the official guidelines and download the relevant logos.

In case of any doubt do not hesitate to contact the Communications Team.

English language

Guidelines for the usage of the EU CAP Network logo

(PDF – 4.64 MB)

Inform your own network about our activities

QR code redirecting to the EU CAP Network's Linktree

It is sometimes difficult to explain what such a vast project as the EU CAP Network is about.

Hence, a communication kit has been put at your disposal through this QR code and link to easily share in a single scan/click:

  • Contact details
  • Communication channels
  • Upcoming events
  • Publications

How to inform us about your activities

We invite and encourage National Networks, projects and organisations to share their upcoming events and activities to be featured on the EU CAP Network website.

Please fill in our dedicated form for stakeholders' events for them to be featured on our website.

Information for National Networks

This section provides essential collaboration guidelines for National CAP Networks.


Make sure that the EU CAP Network logo is correctly featured on your website. You can now add our logo to your homepage, header or footer by downloading it from this kit. Please use the website version and add a redirection to our homepage.

Please note that the ENRD and EIP-AGRI logos may no longer be used and must be removed.

Social media:

We invite you to share our posts with your network as much as possible, as the information we share can be very interesting for your audience. Our chat with National Networks on X is very active. Send us a message on X to join the conversation and be the first to know about key posts and campaigns.

Although we spontaneously share posts from National Networks, if you would like us to share specific posts please contact us through any social media or email us at communication@eucapnetwork.eu.

Further support

If you have any questions about the toolkit or its usage, please contact us at: communication@eucapnetwork.eu.

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