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About the EIP-AGRI project database

The EIP-AGRI project database features innovative projects from across Europe that boost innovation and knowledge exchange for agriculture, forestry and rural areas.

The EIP-AGRI project database features innovative projects from across Europe that boost innovation and knowledge exchange for agriculture, forestry and rural areas. This includes EIP-AGRI Operational Groups, research and innovation projects such as Horizon multi-actor projects, including thematic networks, and other innovative projects - established after 2014.

The EIP-AGRI project database will be regularly updated with new projects that are funded under the CAP for 2023-2027 and Horizon Europe for 2021-2027.

Types of projects

Research and innovation projects

The research and innovation programme Horizon Europe (and formerly Horizon 2020) contributes to sustainable agriculture, forestry and rural areas by supporting the research and innovation that is needed for their modernisation.

Horizon specifically provides funding opportunities for multi-actor projects, which involve the people who will benefit from the project results from the very start. Horizon Europe also supports activities that help speed up knowledge exchange and innovation in practice through specific types of multi-actor projects, namely thematic networks and advisory networks.

In addition to Horizon Europe and Horizon 2020 projects, the database also features research and innovation projects with national, regional, or other EU research funding, as well as projects from Interreg and LIFE programmes.

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EIP-AGRI Operational Groups

EIP-AGRI Operational Group projects (OG) are groups of people with complementary knowledge who co-create practical solutions for agriculture, forestry and rural communities in an innovation project. Operational Groups can include farmers, researchers, advisors, businesses, environmental groups, consumer interest groups or other NGOs.

The current Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) for 2023-2027 provides opportunities for preparing and implementing Operational Group projects via national CAP Strategic Plans. In the period 2014-2022, Operational Groups were funded through Rural Development Programmes (RDP).

More than 3 400 EIP-AGRI Operational Groups have been established since 2014, and over 6 600 projects are planned for the period 2023-2027.

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Other innovative projects

In addition to EIP-AGRI Operational Groups and research and innovation projects, the EIP-AGRI project database also features innovative projects from Rural Development Programmes (2014-2020 and 2007-2013), and projects with other EU and rural development funding.

EIP-AGRI common format

To help innovative and practice-oriented projects share their knowledge in a concise, harmonised and practice-oriented way, the ‘EIP-AGRI common format’ was developed. Projects can share their intermediate and final results through practice abstracts in this common format.

There are two versions of the EIP-AGRI common format, one for Operational Group projects, and another for Horizon Europe multi-actor projects including thematic networks and advisory networks.

English language

EIP-AGRI common format for Operational Groups 2023-2027

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English language

Guidelines for data on EIP Operational Groups

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  • The EIP-AGRI common format for Horizon multi-actor projects 2021-2027 will soon be published.

To get more information on how to upload practice abstracts, please check the guidelines in the respective common format documents.

English language

EIP-AGRI project database

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