agricultural production

Agricultural Production

Agricultural production covers soil and water management, plant and animal production including health and animal welfare, as well as smart farming and other sustainable solutions to support farm competitiveness.

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Beekeeper is working with bees and beehives on the apiary.
Press release | 03 May 2024

Horizon projects on pollinators

There are many Horizon projects carrying out research supporting bees and other pollinators.

Fields with high-diversity landscape features
03 May 2024

Pollinators and Innovation and Knowledge exchange

Discover Focus Groups, workshops, videos, articles and more related to pollinators

NN Meeting Denmark
18 Apr 2024

New Good Practice stories published

The website's latest Good Practice stories include an agroecology project, new kindergarten facilities, climate-friendly peat management and a novel approach to food tourism in Austria.

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Irish Cows and Calf
Member State Evaluation |

Review of Ireland's 2015-2021 Beef Data Genomics Programme

Since 2015, Ireland has put in place a 'Beef Data Genomics Programme'. Following a previous study carried out in 2019, the current analysis aims to update the previous findings, which highlighted positive gains towards objectives, and inform any potential new scheme designed for the next CAP.

Large group of people showing certificates and tropies on stage
Press Articles |

EIP-AGRI Innovation Awards 2024 for Operational Groups: seven winners from the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Ireland and Spain

On 7 May 2024 an awards ceremony was held in Estoril, Portugal, to announce the winners of the EIP-AGRI Innovation Awards 2024 for Operational Groups. The ceremony was held during the EU CAP Network conference ‘EIP-AGRI Operational Groups: Innovation in practice’, to celebrate the achievements of more than 3400 Operational Groups.

Dandelion seeds blowing in the wind
Brochures |

EIP-AGRI Operational Groups - Collaboration and funding opportunities

This brochure highlights examples of collaboration, funding opportunities, support platforms and activities that can inspire National CAP Networks, Operational Groups and other innovators to connect and boost innovation across the EU.

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Taimsete Valkude Innovatsiooniklaster
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