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Welcome to the #Bloomcast

From EU CAP Network stakeholders, for EU CAP Network stakeholders; the #Bloomcast informs on networking activities related to agriculture and rural development.

The first EU CAP Network #Bloomcast is out now on the network’s YouTube channel? The EU CAP Network launched in October 2022 with the central goal of sharing information among stakeholders; the #Bloomcast, as part of the #BloomTogether campaign, serves as a way to broadcast this information to others in the network.

The network brings together many different CAP related interests, so there is a wide array of possible topics. In these three episodes of the #Bloomcast, the topics include short food supply chains, soil health and CAP monitoring and evaluation.

#Bloomcast episode 01: Short Food Supply Chains

The subject of the first episode is short food supply chains, and it features Fabian Santini, Deputy Head of Unit in DG AGRI, and Mareike Schalk, co-founder of HofladenBOX. HofladenBOX is a German company that gathers fresh food from regional producers to distribute to customers who wish to shorten their food supply chain and eat local food. 

The experts explain that short food supply chains are good for consumers, communities, and farmers, both economically and socially. To hear more about this, listen to episode one.

#Bloomcast episode 02: Soil Health

The second episode brings together Gaëlle Marion, Head of Unit in DG AGRI, and Katrin Noorkõiv, owner of Lihuniku Äri and expert involved in the EIP-AGRI Permanent Grassland Focus Group. Katrin’s business includes a butcher shop and restaurant, the only 80-100% certified organic restaurant in Estonia, and the focus group examines soil oxygenation and sustainable management, among other things.

“Soil is part of the production means of most of our food, so the quality, quantity, and diversity depend on the health of our soils,” says Gaëlle Marion. For more information on soil health listen to episode two of the #Bloomcast below.

#Bloomcast episode 03: CAP monitoring and Evaluation

Episode three dives into the topic of CAP monitoring and evaluation with experts Sophie Helaine and Stephanie Vella. Sophie Helaine is a Head of Unit for policy performance in DG AGRI and Stephanie Vella comes to us from the EU CAP Network Evaluation Helpdesk.

They discuss how monitoring and evaluation can shape better policy to better meet the 10 objectives of the CAP, which include things like food security and climate care. To hear more, listen to #Bloomcast episode three here.