To preserve our environment and quality of life, we need to protect biodiverse ecosystems, reduce emissions, and move towards a resource-efficient and competitive circular economy.

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Austrian rural community
26 Jun 2024

Animating LEADER local development action in rural Austria

LEADER Local Action Groups in Austria benefit from strong cooperation at national level, which is animated through coordinated actions by the country’s National Network and LEADER Forum.

Exhibition stands
Press release | 14 Jun 2024

500 participants celebrated the achievements of EIP-AGRI Operational Groups

The EU CAP Network Conference ‘EIP-AGRI Operational Groups: Innovation in practice’ brought together 500 participants from across the EU in Estoril, Portugal, to highlight the achievements of Operational Group projects.

Hand of farmer checking soil health
23 May 2024

Soil health: a key agroecology metric for results-orientated payments

Results-based payments protecting soil performance are a recent proposal promoted by EU CAP Network stakeholders for the future of sustainable food and farming systems in Europe.

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A field of flowers with trees and blue sky
Factsheets |

Factsheet - Eco-schemes

This factsheet takes stock of Member States’ experiences with eco-schemes in their first year of implementation and some of the lessons learned. It examines the different approaches taken to eco-scheme design and implementation, what was working well, some of the obstacles faced as well as the identification of possible solutions and recommendations.

springtime panorama of the hills of oltrepo pavese, vinery area in italy (lombardy region) at the borders with piedmont and emilia romagna. it's famous for valuables wines, mainly sparkling
Member State Evaluation |

Cross-cutting assessment of the effects of regional programmes in reducing greenhouse gas emissions

The evaluation analyses the contribution of the ESI Funds (ERDF, ESF and EAFRD) in reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the Emilia Romagna region of Italy.

Cows grazing in a field near Fussen, Bavaria, Germany
Member State Evaluation |

Promotion of extensive grazing through contractual nature conservation

The study analyses funding data in order to better understand the implementation of the contractual nature conservation grazing measure in MEPL III (Rural Development Plan 2014-2020 Baden-Württemberg).

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