Food Supply Chain

Food Supply Chain

The food supply chain is composed of a diversity of products, businesses, and markets from farmgate to the end consumer, supported by a regulatory and policy framework.

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Aerial satellite view of cultivated agricultural farming land fields
23 May 2024

Water efficiency benefits flow from CAP Strategic Plans

Water efficiency is the topic of a new Policy Insights article which highlights how the CAP can help rural Europe use water wisely by better protecting the quality and quantity of EU water reserves.

Panoramic shot of the landscape of the island of Flores
22 May 2024

CAP measures played a major role in supporting the development of outermost regions

The recently published evaluation support study examines the extent to which the POSEI and SAI support schemes enhanced agricultural productivity and diversification.

NN Meeting Denmark
18 Apr 2024

New Good Practice stories published

The website's latest Good Practice stories include an agroecology project, new kindergarten facilities, climate-friendly peat management and a novel approach to food tourism in Austria.

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Flowers, fruits and vegetable vendors at the Farmer's market in Freiburg, Germany.
Member State Evaluation |

Evaluation of the promotion of investments in the processing and marketing of agricultural products 

The evaluation offers an overview of the challenges and strengths in the agricultural and food sector in North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany, specifically on competitiveness.

Aerial view on a little village in Sweden
Member State Evaluation |

Bringing the EU to the kitchen table: Evaluation of community-led local development through the LEADER approach

The evaluation's purpose is to increase knowledge about implementing community-led local development through the LEADER method, which is funded by the Swedish Rural Development Programme (RDP).

Old town on the hills of Saar river valley
Member State Evaluation |

Ongoing evaluation of the Saarland 2014-2020 Rural Development Programme

The evaluation reports on funding cases and public expenditure related to the 2014-2020 Rural Development Programme (RDP) for Saarland in Germany, which can therefore be considered a monitoring report.

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