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Synthesis of ex ante evaluations of CAP post 2020

Ex ante evaluations can help to shape CAP Strategic Plans.

  • 2023-2027
  • Cross-cutting impacts
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With the transformation of CAP governance and the introduction of CAP Strategic Plans (CSP), the 2023-2027 programming period marks a departure from traditional compliance-focused strategies. The crucial role of ex ante evaluations in refining CSP design and guiding implementation is underscored, paving the way for a performance-driven approach.

The Synthesis of ex ante evaluations for the 2023-2027 programming period of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) offers critical insights and recommendations to enhance EU Member States' interventions. Ex ante evaluators stress the need for a more integrated and narrative-driven analysis on all economic, social and environmental aspects.

To enhance the CSP effectiveness, the European Evaluation Helpdesk for the CAP formulated several recommendations addressed to ex ante evaluators, Managing Authorities and the European Commission.

Recommendations address timely evaluations, evaluating final approved CSPs, leveraging lessons from past periods, fostering feedback mechanisms, engaging stakeholders strategically, promoting visual tools for effective communication, broadening evaluation scope, standardising reporting structure and establishing better links with impact indicators.

EU Member States and Managing Authorities can utilise these findings to fine-tune their strategies in the next programming period.


European Evaluation Helpdesk for the CAP


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Synthesis of ex ante evaluations of CAP post 2020

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