Evaluations provide evidence for decision-making and improves the effectiveness, efficiency, relevance, coherene and the EU added value of CAP interventions. They also contribute to improved transparency, learning and accountability.

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Evaluation plans as foundations for better CAP assessments

EU Member States must develop an evaluation plan for the new CAP, with this blueprint acting as a key tool to demonstrate impact across all the objectives of the 2023-27 agriculture and rural development policy.

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CAP Strategic Plans Thematic Group: 2nd meeting

The value of Monitoring Committee contributions and capacity for successful implementation of CAP Strategic Plans (CSPs) was acknowledged as one of the main messages from the concluding meeting of our Thematic Group on CSP implementation.

Group picture of the CSP Subgroup participants

CAP Strategic Plans governance Subgroup launched

Our first meeting of the EU CAP Network’s governance Subgroup on CAP Strategic Plans (CSPs) proved productive, by collating CSP expert perspectives from national and EU level stakeholders in order to inform forthcoming CAP networking priorities.

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A house in the Finnish countryside
Member State Evaluation |

Assessment and development of selection criteria for structural advancements in Finnish agriculture

This report evaluates Finland's utilisation of the EU’s Agricultural Development Fund (EAFRD) to enhance rural areas.

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Member State Evaluation |

Generational renewal dynamics in Campania's rural families

The monothematic report analyses generational renewal in rural families in Campania, promoted by the 2014-2020 Rural Development Programme of the Campania region.

Agriculture in Hungary
Member State Evaluation |

Assessment of Hungary’s Rural Development Programme’s impact on innovation

This evaluation investigates the impact of Hungary’s Rural Development Programme on innovation to assess its impact in agriculture and rural development during the 2014-2022 period.