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Sectoral interventions and CAP Strategic Plans

A new Policy Insights publication highlights how EU know-how gained in the fruit and vegetable sector can now be transferred through CAP Strategic Plans to support other agri-food sectors.

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Sectoral interventions are part of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) funding system and these financial aid packages are implemented through the national CAP Strategic Plans (CSPs). Over several decades Europe’s fruit and vegetables (F&V) sector has shown how successful CAP sectoral support can be from a policy perspective.

A new edition in the Policy Insights publication series highlights how EU know-how gained by the F&V sector can now be transferred through the CSPs to support other agri-food sectors. These include hops, olive oil, cereals and animal products, among others.

Content in the new short-read and informative publication spotlights figures from the Member States’ initial set of CSPs showing the range of sectoral interventions available around rural Europe using CAP funds.

Numerous useful opportunities exist for CSP sectoral interventions to help better position EU farmers and their partners along their value chains, while simultaneously generating health and environmental benefits for EU citizens.

Opportunities for sectoral interventions prioritise support to EU agri-food producer organisations (POs) to strengthen the sustainability and resilience of European food systems. The flexibility that is possible in implementing these interventions can help food producers benefit from higher prices at origin, as well as and more advantageous conditions via collective bargaining, additional resources, improved stability and/or specialisation.

Derogations in competition policy are also granted within the EU’s framework of CSP sectoral interventions. Further benefits of encouraging PO cooperation include a positive impact on improving agricultural skills, tackling depopulation and rural development in general.

Lessons learned from good practices in Europe’s F&V sector can be applied to use CSP sectoral interventions successfully in other sectors. Sharing and exchanging this knowledge through networking can help boost business profits and improve processes for all POs and producer members involved in CSP sectoral interventions. This also helps contribute to key EU and international policy goals for the environment and health.

To discover more about the CAP's sectoral interventions, see the new Policy Insights publication.