The Common Agricultural Policy combines social, economic and environmental approaches to help achieve sustainable farming and forestry systems and vibrant rural areas in the EU.

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A group of trees with flowers
23 May 2024

Advancing implementation of the CAP’s green architecture

The Thematic Group on Green Architecture: Designing Green Strategies will meet again in June to advance EU understanding of optimising CAP opportunities from environment and climate funding.

Aerial satellite view of cultivated agricultural farming land fields
23 May 2024

Water efficiency benefits flow from CAP Strategic Plans

Water efficiency is the topic of a new Policy Insights article which highlights how the CAP can help rural Europe use water wisely by better protecting the quality and quantity of EU water reserves.

Close up view of the working bees on honey cells
Press release | 03 May 2024

Enhancing synergies between bees and agriculture in Germany

DAFA (German Agricultural Research Alliance) set a strategy to improve the conditions for domesticated and wild pollinators and biodiversity.

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smart farmer using technology in an agriculture field ;man checking by using tablet in farm field
Member State Evaluation |

Results and effects of European Innovation Partnership support

The ongoing evaluation of the Rural Development Programme (RDP) focuses on the results and impact of the European Innovation Partnership (EIP) support in Brandenburg, Germany.

View of cows in mountain
Member State Evaluation |

Annual evaluation report of Aosta Valley's Rural Development Programme

The aim of the report is to highlight the main results of the evaluation activities on the effects of the Aosta Valley Rural Development Programme (RDP) on environmental agri-climate components and the results of the LAGs’ self-assessment.

Aerial view of a small village in Upper Franconia/Germany in spring
Member State Evaluation |

Results of investment support in small farms in Baden-Württemberg

This report presents the results of supported investments in small farms carried out as part of the ongoing evaluation of the 2014-2020 Rural Development Programme (RDP) in Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

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