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How to assess LEADER added value

The report summarises the main outcomes of the Good Practice Workshop on ‘How to assess LEADER added value’, which was organised by the EU CAP Network with the support of the European Evaluation Helpdesk for the CAP on 23-24 November 2023 in Luxembourg.

  • 2023-2027
  • Socio-economic impacts
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The main objective of the Good Practice workshop was to reflect and learn from each other’s experiences and practices in relation to assessing the added value of LEADER at the national- and EU level. The event was linked to the work of the Thematic Working Group (TWG) on 'Assessing the Added Value of LEADER' which provided methodological support to EU Member States for the evaluation and demonstration of LEADER added value.

Key messages stemming from this workshop report include: in assessing LEADER added value the first step is to understand the underlying concepts of social capital, governance and enhanced results, and build a logical model to depict the links between LEADER activities and the achievement of added value elements. The role played by the seven principles of the LEADER method as well as the animation and support activities should be considered when building these links.

The second step would be to identify the success factors that contribute to added value and the development of metrics (indicators) to measure the success of LEADER, considering the non-tangible character of many of the added value features. Composite indicators or indices (e.g. network diversity index) may be an option for summarising and simplifying the complexity of the LEADER intervention logic.

The third step when choosing methods to collect and analyse data and information for assessing the added value of LEADER would be to consider surveys for complementing objective data, and methods that capture the networking or partnership aspects of LEADER (e.g. social network analysis).

Finally, given that the burden for the collection of data is mainly on Local Action Groups (LAGs), it is important to consider simplicity, objectivity and continuity in the choice of data.


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Good Practice Workshop - How to assess LEADER added value

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