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CAP Evaluation News - December 2023

Enhancing CAP Strategic Plans through evaluations

  • 2023-2027
  • Cross-cutting impacts
A field of hay wrapped in snow

In this edition, a mapping study of the CAP Strategic Plans (CSPs) revealed the main choices made by Member States when they planned how to implement the CAP in their territories. Over 2 500 interventions have been designed in the 28 CSPs over the 2023-2027 programming period.

Moreover, to find the updated data on the CAP Strategic Plans, a new searchable catalogue of CAP interventions has been launched for public use. The tool offers comprehensive access to budgets, planned output, results indicators and specific designs of CSPs for each Member State.

Additionally, Irene Guerrero, a researcher at the JRC, gave insight into the ongoing exercise of labelling the CSPs interventions according to the 'Farm Practise' classification.


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CAP Evaluation News - December 2023

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