News | 08 Mar 2024

Climate change resilience practices for Mediterranean perennial crops

Register now: CLIMED-FRUIT project is organising a web conference on 12-13 March focusing on increasing resilience to climate change through innovative practices for perennial crops.

CLIMED-FRUIT event poster

The Horizon Europe project CLIMED-FRUIT aims to collect, translate and disseminate new knowledge likely to increase resilience to climate change in the cultivation of vines, olives, citrus and other perennial crops typical of the Mediterranean region.

The webinar programme includes numerous results and innovative solutions developed by operational groups and research centres from all over Europe. Topics covered include: exploiting plant diversity, soil conservation and carbon storage, adapting organisations to climate change, preserving biodiversity, managing climate hazards, improving plant resilience, managing increasing disease pressure, soil conservation and carbon storage, and innovative practices for water stress management and dry farming.

Target groups include European technicians and farmers. Speakers will present in English, but translation will be available in French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.

View the programme (available in several languages) and register free of charge.

Further information on CLIMED-FRUIT

The Mediterranean region is the European area facing the strongest impact of climate change on agriculture, including increased extreme heat events, droughts, biodiversity loss and water demand.  Perennial fruit crops (e.g. grapevine, olive, avocado, cherries, lemons) represent an important land area of this region and are currently facing climate change. Farmers are changing or adapting their practices accordingly, but some practices are not managing to cross territorial borders or remain limited to a specific agricultural sector.

CLIMED-FRUIT aims to share this new expertise, collected from different Operational Groups across Europe, for better climate change adaptation and mitigation.

The overall objectives are:

  • Scaling local solutions dealing with climate change up to an EU level.
  • Widening knowledge of ready-to-use practices to adapt to climate change.
  • Improving understanding of climate change risks and solutions available to mitigate them.
  • Helping Europe become climate neutral by 2050.

CLIMED-FRUIT was launched in 2022. It is one of several EU-wide thematic networks that were set up to share best practices from EIP-AGRI Operational Groups across borders, for a wider uptake of innovative results.

Visit the CLIMED-FRUIT website