Green Deal Targets

Green Deal Targets

The European Green Deal aims to make Europe climate neutral by 2050 through a range of targets, such as reducing pesticide use and risk by 50% by 2030.

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Jovens agri 2023

AgriJovem 2023: applications open now!

Applications are now open for the AgriJovem initiative. This opportunity is designed for higher education students in Portugal who are passionate about making a significant impact on agricultural activities at both national and European levels.

A village surrounded by a forest with a church standing out.

Thematic Group work informs EU Forest Standing Committee

Findings from our Thematic Group entitled ‘Supporting the Needs of Forest-Dominant Rural Areas and Municipalities: Laying the Groundwork for networking under the Forest Strategy’ are being provided to help inform the EU’s Forest Standing Committee.

A red tractor in a field

CAP Strategic Plans Thematic Group: 2nd meeting

The value of Monitoring Committee contributions and capacity for successful implementation of CAP Strategic Plans (CSPs) was acknowledged as one of the main messages from the concluding meeting of our Thematic Group on CSP implementation.

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Cover_Funding opportunities under Horizon Europe - Calls 2024
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Funding opportunities under Horizon Europe - Calls 2024

The brochure 'Funding opportunities under Horizon Europe - calls 2024' highlights funding opportunities for agriculture, forestry and rural areas in Cluster 6 and other parts of the 2024 Horizon Work Programme.

A toddler and an adult person holding earth together
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Carbon Farming - Projects Brochure

Carbon farming is a green business model that rewards land managers for engaging in land management practices that increase carbon sequestration or maintain carbon stores.

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Policy Insight: Helping rural Europe become Fit for 55

This policy insights article focuses on the EU’s ‘Fit for 55’. This package is helping Member States significantly cut…

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