Green Deal Targets

Green Deal Targets

The European Green Deal aims to make Europe climate neutral by 2050 through a range of targets, such as reducing pesticide use and risk by 50% by 2030.

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A modern kitchen with stainless steel appliances, including a large oven and a spacious countertop
26 Jun 2024

LEADER creates jobs in Poland from healthy convenience food

Local Action Group support for a Polish businesswoman has helped her to create new jobs by expanding her company’s supply of healthy convenience food that promotes better nutrition.

View of Polignac village with its fortress. Auvergne, France
26 Jun 2024

LEADER local action opportunities with the Rural Pact

LEADER Local Action Groups can be well placed to boost the Rural Pact's potential for achieving Europe’s long-term vision for rural areas.

Mediterranean countries map
26 Jun 2024

Transnational cooperation links continents through LEADER

Many innovative uses of LEADER support have evolved in Member States, including using transnational cooperation (TNC) funding for macro-level actions linking continents.

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female hands reach towards branches of olive tree
Magazines |

Agrinnovation Magazine - Issue 10

The tenth issue of the Agrinnovation magazine highlights innovative solutions for the sustainable and circular use of natural resources in agriculture, forestry and rural communities.

Close-up scarab rested on sunflower
Member State Evaluation |

Latvian communities of ground and rove beetles in differently managed agrocenoses 

An evaluation of the impact of the Rural Development Programme's (RDP) organic farming measure (M11) on the biodiversity of beetles in Latvia. 

Regenerative organic farmer, taking soil samples and looking at plant growth in a farm. practicing sustainable agriculture
Member State Evaluation |

Impact of agri-environmental and climate protection measures in Lower Saxony and Bremen's Rural Development Programme 2014-2022

An in-depth evaluation of the Rural Development Programme's (RDP) measures aimed at reducing nutrient surpluses and greenhouse gas emissions in agriculture.

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