Data Management

Data Management

Evidence-based evaluations require strong data management through systematically identifying, collecting, storing and sharing information relevant to assessing a policy.

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CAP Strategic Plans Thematic Group: 2nd meeting

The value of Monitoring Committee contributions and capacity for successful implementation of CAP Strategic Plans (CSPs) was acknowledged as one of the main messages from the concluding meeting of our Thematic Group on CSP implementation.

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CAP Strategic Plans governance Subgroup launched

Our first meeting of the EU CAP Network’s governance Subgroup on CAP Strategic Plans (CSPs) proved productive, by collating CSP expert perspectives from national and EU level stakeholders in order to inform forthcoming CAP networking priorities.

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You can register to the Horizon 2020 project i2connect’s EU Advisory Service Database. It brings together all advisors across the EU. Find out more.

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Addressing data gaps to evaluate CAP Strategic Plans

This report summarises the main outcomes of the Good Practice Workshop on ‘Addressing data gaps to evaluate CAP Strategic Plans’, which was organised by the European Evaluation Helpdesk for the CAP on 8-9 June 2023 in Malmö, Sweden.

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How to assess AKIS based on lessons learned from 2014-2020

This report summarises the main outcomes of the Good Practice Workshop, ‘How to assess AKIS based on lessons learned…

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