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Factsheet - Tips and tricks to apply for Horizon Europe calls

Download here the factsheet with tips and tricks to apply for Horizon Europe calls.

Researchers, farmers, foresters, advisors and other actors in rural areas are encouraged to get involved in Horizon Europe calls, in the area of Food, Bioeconomy, Natural resources, Agriculture and Environment, and in calls for the EU Mission ‘A Soil Deal for Europe’.

Prepare for dissemination to boost impact

A dissemination and exploitation plan is mandatory. It will help the evaluators assess the potential impact of the project:

  • Ensure that project results will be widely known and used by those interested, including policy makers.
  • Align project results with the needs of users.
  • Enhance the uptake of project results, increasing the added value of research and innovation funding. › Start communicating about the project and disseminating its results as soon as possible, and adapt throughout the project’s lifetime.
  • Consider including the right skills for communication and dissemination in the project consortium.
  • Think of communication tools that can support your communication and dissemination strategy beyond the partners of the project.

Understand the evaluation process

Proposals are evaluated by independent experts, who only have a limited amount of time to evaluate several proposals.

  • Read the criteria by which your proposal will be assessed.
  • During evaluation, impact is amongst to most important criteria.
  • Check the expected impacts and scope of the topic in detail. Make sure you read properly what is expected of you, and demonstrate how you will deliver, detailing partner assets and using quantified activities and targets whenever possible.
  • Make sure that the chosen objectives are coherent with the planned project activities, the competences of the partners and the planned budget per activity.
  • Make sure the cost/benefit ratio is sound. Keep in mind that all costs should be reasonable in the light of the planned outcomes.

Work as an external expert, which will give you the opportunity to connect and network with peers.

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