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Rural Women - Projects Brochure

This Projects Brochure highlights examples of CAP-funded projects led by women and initiatives that are advancing gender equality in rural areas.

  • 2023-2027
Cover of the Projects Brochure on Rural Women

In line with the European Commission’s 2020-2025 Gender Equality Strategy, the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) now includes a Specific Objective aimed at enhancing the position of women in farming and accelerating the social inclusion of rural women. This will be key in reducing the gender gap and advancing gender equality – a core principle of the European Union, yet still not a reality in any EU Member State.

As inclusion is about involvement and empowerment, the CAP holds the potential to foster more inclusive rural areas by promoting rural women’s participation and recognition in local decision-making processes, businesses and communities.

Featuring project examples from Czechia, Estonia, France, Romania, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden, our new edition of the Projects Brochure provides valuable perspectives and experiences demonstrating the CAP’s potential to help advance gender equality in rural areas.


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Rural Women - Projects Brochure

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