News | 29 Aug 2023

Rural Youth Employment: New Factsheet available online

Young people are fundamental for rural Europe’s future prosperity and we recognise this widely across the EU CAP Network.

Job creation and generational renewal are priorities for the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), with a focus on young people. Our CAP Implementation Contact Point has recently published a new factsheet featuring recommendations for policy-makers to support rural youth employment. A concise review of good practices adopted at the national, EU and wider level to help young people find support for their professional projects in rural areas is also presented in the useful factsheet.

We encourage everyone to read and share this factsheet to inspire policy-makers in all Member States to help young people find support for their professional projects in rural areas. Capacity building support for skills and motivation, remote working possibilities, social systems, digitalisation and green jobs are noted as being among the most useful forms of policy intervention.

The factsheet was produced by our Thematic Group on Rural Youth Employment: the Voice of Rural Youth. Members of the Thematic Group were led by young people during work to pool and network EU expertise on rural youth employment matters. Our new factsheet provides further information about the Thematic Group and its findings, including data showing rural youth employment trends.

Main Picture Thematic Group Rural Youth Employment. A woman holding a plate in her house.