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Factsheet - Rural Youth Employment

The Thematic Group (TG) on Rural Youth Employment: the Voice of Rural Youth took a holistic approach in exploring the mechanisms to support employment of young rural people. This factsheet provides an overview of key outcomes of the TG.

  • 2023-2027
Main Picture Thematic Group Rural Youth Employment. A woman holding a plate in her house.

The EU CAP Network Thematic Group (TG) on Rural Youth Employment: the Voice of Rural Youth, facilitated by the CAP Implementation Contact Point, explored approaches to developing sustainable and high-quality rural jobs accessible to young people and provided inputs to inform relevant policies. This is an urgent and important topic which relates to the need for generational renewal and the challenges of depopulation and demographic change in rural areas, as well as to the long-term Vision ambitions for more resilient, sustainable and prosperous rural areas.   

This factsheet includes an overview of rural youth employment data & trends in the EU and summarises the key elements to support rural youth employment, including personal 'ingredients for success' (such as skills and motivation) and important external elements (such as remote working opportunities and social support). Key opportunities for rural youth employment discussed by the TG are highlighted and include networking, digitalisation and green jobs.

The factsheet includes recommendations for policy-makers to support rural youth employment. A concise review of good practices adopted at the national, EU and wider level is useful both to inspire policy-makers and to help young people find support for their professional projects in rural areas. 


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Factsheet - Rural Youth Employment

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