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Operational Groups on fertiliser and energy topics

Watch videos from a number of Dutch Operational Groups

Operational Group: Better organic fertilization for better water

Rene van der Slot (flowerbulb grower) and Malu Steenwijk (flower bulb researcher) are looking into whether you can continue to increase the carbon in the soil by means of a combination of cultivation measures and the application of organic fertilisers.

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A farmer explains something to the camera in front of his red tractor

Operational group: Development manure evaporation installation

Jacob van den Borne (potato grower) and a project partner explain the development of a manure evaporation installation. The project creates a connection between livestock farming, the manure processor and arable farmers. The developed installation is converting manure into three different fertilisers, green energy and water.

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A young, blonde farmer explains his use of fertilisers in front of his field

Operational Group: Manure to fertiliser (fermented manure)

Hendrik Kuiper (dairy farmer) and project partner explain what they encounter in practice when processing manure by means of nitrogen stripping, a way to make manure more concentrated.

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A young farmer explains his production of manure