Environmental Impacts

Environmental Impacts

Environmental impacts are linked to the CAP objective of contributing to climate change mitigation and adaptation, as well as sustainable development and efficient management of natural resources and biodiversity.

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Press release | 03 May 2024

Inspirational idea: Creating farmland homes for wild bees

The BEESPOKE project set out to increase levels of pollinators using local- and landscape-scale approaches, thereby contributing to the development of sustainable and resilient agroecosystems.

Biodiversity conservation - wildflower borders along farm fields to support pollinators and other wildlife
17 Apr 2024

A new classification scheme to simplify the complexity of CAP Strategic Plans

The Joint Research Centre has published a classification scheme of farm practices supported by the CAP related to environmental, climate and animal welfare objectives.

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Report - Smart circular farming to address high energy and fertiliser prices

The overarching aim of the seminar was knowledge exchange to find and mainstream innovative solutions to respond to decreasing accessibility and affordability of energy and fertilisers.

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Press article - Protecting farmland pollinators

Irish Operational Group promotes actions to support biodiversity within productive farming system.

Agrinnovation magazine
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Agrinnovation Magazine - Issue 9

Innovation, knowledge exchange and EIP-AGRI under the new EU CAP Network.

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aria awards badge environmental protection
aria awards badge environmental protection