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New survey on the outcomes achieved by the EIP-AGRI approach

European innovation stakeholders have your say by 23 February!


This is an opportunity for all innovation stakeholders. Advisory services, innovation support services, innovation brokers and others can participate in a short survey aiming to gain a better understanding of the outcomes achieved by Operational Group (OG) projects in the context of the EIP approach under the 2014-2022 Rural Development Programmes.

In particular, the research aims to find out to what extent the EIP-AGRI policy instrument has influenced the creation and spread of innovation in agriculture, forestry and rural areas.

The survey is anonymous. Participants do not need to have been involved in EIP Operational Group projects.

The questionnaire is qualitative and easy to fill in as it mostly uses multiple-choice questions with pre-coded answers.

You can participate until 23 February. Have your say!

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Your answers will significantly contribute to the study. Should you require any further details or clarifications, please contact