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News article4 January 2023

Digital tools to boost agroforestry

DigitAF is a new Horizon Europe which seeks to boost Agroforestry through the application of digital tools in order to meet climate, biodiversity and farming sustainability goals. The tools will ensure the right trees are planted at the right place and managed in the right way to foster climate change mitigation and adaptation.


Building a climate resilient landscape

Agroforestry – a land use management system integrating trees or shrubs with crops or pastures – allows farmers to grow multiple crops on the same piece of land. This makes them less dependent on yields or changing prices. Agroforestry has already proven its potential for agricultural sustainability, climate change mitigation and adaptation, biodiversity preservation, and soil conservation. However, agroforestry performances are context-dependent. Currently, barriers are still hindering its adoption, including a lack of tools for decision-making, assessing economic, environmental, and social benefits, and monitoring policies and impact. DigitAF will boost agroforestry implementation in the EU and beyond thanks to the co-development of digital tools tailored to the needs and concerns of target groups.

Inspiring all stakeholders to ensure implementation

The consortium will implement a tailored multi-actor approach, directly engaging with and providing digital tools to the various stakeholders: policymakers at regional, national, and European levels; practitioners such as farmers, landowners, and foresters; and beneficiaries of agroforestry products and services.



Publication date
4 January 2023
Innovation, knowledge exchange & EIP-AGRI