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ATF seminar: Livestock emissions and the COP26 targets

The Animal Task Force (ATF) seminar on ‘Livestock emissions and the COP26 targets’ will be held on 17 November 2022 in Brussels, Belgium. Remote participation is possible. The event will invite discussions with farmers, industries, scientists, policy makers and society.

Its aim is to contribute to:

  • Address how research and innovation can support the livestock sector: address needs in R&I to help the livestock sector adapt to climate change and mitigate its emissions;
  • Provide input for European research and innovation agendas and for public policies, to secure Europe’s role as a leading global provider of safe and healthy animal-derived products;
  • Engage in a dialogue with various stakeholders;
  • Foster ownership by farmers and industries.

The event follows up on the Symposium of the ATF and EAAP Commission on Livestock Farming Systems, held on 5 September 2022 in Porto, Portugal

Participation is free, but registration is mandatory. Please register here.

Find the provisional programme and more information through this link.

ATF seminar: Livestock emissions and the COP26 targets
  • reduction of gas emissions
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  • External event
Innovation, knowledge exchange & EIP-AGRI

Practical information

University foundation, Brussels, Belgium. Remote participation possible.
Animal Task Force (ATF)