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The National Rural Network Support Unit of Finland supports CAP Strategic Plan implementation and networking.

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Maaseutuverkostoyksikkö / Landsbygdsnätverksenheten, Rural Network Support Unit of Finland


The Rural Network Support Unit coordinates and develops the activities of the rural network and brings together actors. The unit supports the implementation of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) Strategic Plan by:

  • promoting cooperation, sharing good practices and supporting innovation activities;
  • implementing the national communication of the CAP Strategic Plan;
  • organising training sessions and meeting places for rural developers (platforms, forums and events) to promote the exchange of experiences and peer learning.


The Finnish Rural Network is an open network for everybody who is involved and interested in CAP and rural development.


The Rural Network has a steering group with 11 members. The group is chaired by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. The Rural Network Support Unit is part of the Finnish Food Authority.

Additional Information

Thematic focus of NN

  • AKIS
  • Climate and Climate Change
  • Digitalisation
  • Smart Villages