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The Role of Youth in Rural Development

The EESC host a public hearing to gather the view of youth representatives, rural development experts and various stakeholders on how to promote sustainable and inclusive rural development that benefits young people and rural communities as a whole.

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In the course of the event, the following will be discussed:

  • How to make rural areas more attractive to young people
  • New sustainable jobs in rural areas
  • Training and education for young people
  • Services and governance needed for a meaningful youth engagement in rural areas

The aim of this public hearing is to facilitate a constructive dialogue between policymakers, stakeholders, and young people on how to ensure that rural areas are vibrant and inclusive places for young people to live, work and thrive.

During the hearing, distinguished speakers will share their experiences and perspectives on the topic.

The debate will feed into the preparation of the own-initiative opinion on The role of youth in rural development. It will seek to define and promote a clear role for youth in the green and digital transition of rural development, develop partnerships with youth organisations, and propose recommendations for better coordination of rural development tools from a youth perspective.

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