Cross-cutting Impacts

Cross-cutting Impacts

Impacts relating to the CAP objective of modernising agriculture and rural areas by fostering and sharing of knowledge, innovation and digitalisation in agriculture and rural areas.

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A village surrounded by a forest with a church standing out.

Thematic Group work informs EU Forest Standing Committee

Findings from our Thematic Group entitled ‘Supporting the Needs of Forest-Dominant Rural Areas and Municipalities: Laying the Groundwork for networking under the Forest Strategy’ are being provided to help inform the EU’s Forest Standing Committee.

Group picture of the CSP Subgroup participants

CAP Strategic Plans governance Subgroup launched

Our first meeting of the EU CAP Network’s governance Subgroup on CAP Strategic Plans (CSPs) proved productive, by collating CSP expert perspectives from national and EU level stakeholders in order to inform forthcoming CAP networking priorities.

LEADER and territorial development Subgroup: 1st meeting

LEADER and territorial development Subgroup: 1st meeting

Smarter, simpler, younger LEADER projects and Local Action Groups were among the agenda items covered by the first governance meeting of our Subgroup on LEADER and territorial development.

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Windmills in a wind farm
Reports |

Assessment of the Progress in Implementing the evaluation plans of RDPs 2014-2022. Chapter 2 of the AIRs Submitted in 2022

The summary report is based on an analysis of the Annual Implementation Reports (AIR) for Rural Development Programmes (RDPs) submitted in 2022.

Evaluation publication cover
Member State Evaluation |

Evaluating the compensation for organic production in Sweden’s Rural Development Programme

This evaluation examines the effects of compensatory payments for organic production in Sweden on rural development, the environment and climate.