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Young countryside entrepreneurs - apply to FAMIGRO AWARD

Are you a young European countryside entrepreneur who has made or is making a special contribution to the rural economy and environment ? Apply now to the Famigro Award to win 5000€ as well as communication opportunities for your project. Deadline is 1 March 2023 at noon.

This 5000€ award is granted annually to young people (aged 18-40) developing innovative solutions for the creation and conservation of local economic development and fostering business opportunities. The type of initiatives should be ones which can be examples of good practice to other (rural) communities and could be adapted to different rural contexts.

Deadline is 1 March 2023 at noon precisely (CET)

The winner not only gets the cash prize, but is offered many communication opportunities (at events and in publications).

Famigro is a private company founded by Karl GROTENFELT and supported by Young Friends of the Countryside, non-profit organisation.

Young countryside entrepreneurs