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Inspirational ideas: Chickens are going mobile

Mobile housing for laying hens can contribute to improving animal welfare and the quality of the eggs while reducing impact on the environment. However, their uptake remains limited as they also present a number of risks.

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The Innovation Award for Women Farmers

This competition was developed by Copa-Cogeca to shed a light on the hundreds of innovative projects conducted every year all over Europe by Women farmers.

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Save the date: BIOFRUITNET final conference

Experts and stakeholders will share their experience in building stronger networks, deep into the latest innovations and solutions in pome, stone and citrus fruits and share the best tools for farmers and advisors.

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Meet the EU CAP Network’s #BloomTogether stakeholders

The EU CAP Network brings together various stakeholders at the EU level working to achieve results and share knowledge about sustainable and effective practices in the agriculture and rural development in the European Union.

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Networking CAP knowhow

Our CAP Implementation Contact Point has been expanding its networking activities across both CAP Pillars through participating a range of events.

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Forest financing opportunities from the European Investment Bank

Forests are multifunctional ecosystems essential to landscape restoration, climate action and biodiversity protection. These forest facts are acknowledged in a new EIB publication, which draws attention to the financing possibilities for forestry from the EU’s bank.

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Collective approaches create CAP success stories

A new set of Good Practice examples has recently been published, featuring different CAP project practices. These reflect the CAP’s primary rationale in terms of safeguarding food supplies for EU citizens in a sustainable way, as well as contributing to rural resilience throughout the Member States.