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News article20 January 2023

Policy Insight: Reinforcing small farm resilience

The latest edition of the Policy Insight publication series explains how EU Member States can contribute through their CAP Strategic plans (CSPs) to a broad range of benefits for EU citizens from small farms.

Small farms are a key component of the EU rural economy and over three quarters of farms in the EU are classified as small, with the size of their holdings coming to below 10 hectares. A large proportion of these small farms are below five hectares in size. Win-win advantages for small farmers and the general public can be gained by both general and targeted CSP funding supporting improved knowledge, enhanced productivity and resilience, enhanced position in the supply chain, better visibility and access to markets and coordinated cooperation with other actors across the value chains.

The latest Policy Insight focuses on this topic and highlights how support through the CSP can help small farms address systemic challenges through funding from different tools of the CAP, aiming at addressing income gaps, investment and development needs. The support is available on a voluntary basis and the extent to which small farms would access it, depends on their administrative capacity to manage this. Simplified funding systems that can help small farms take advantage of the possibilities of CAP payments together with advisory services are an essential support service for small farms.

Find out more in the informative and quick-read Policy Insight publication about reinforcing small farm resilience.

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Publication date
20 January 2023
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