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EU CAP Network cross-visit ‘Climate adaptation on the ground’

The EU CAP Network cross-visits between Operational Groups ‘Climate adaptation on the ground - innovative solutions to build farm resilience’ take place on Wednesday 26 - Thursday 27 June 2024.

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The EU CAP Network is organising two cross-visits between multiple OGs in June 2024 on:

  • Use of agricultural and forestry residues for creating alternative sources of income for farmers and foresters
  • Climate adaptation on the ground - innovative solutions to build farm resilience.

These cross-visits take place on Wednesday 26 – Thursday 27 June 2024. This cross-visit will focus on 'Climate adaptation on the ground - innovative solutions to build farm resilience'.

The call for expression of interest is closed.

Purpose and main goals

The purpose of cross-visits between projects is to provide opportunities for cross-border knowledge exchange and peer-to-peer learning between OGs. The visits will create opportunities for informal exchange of good practices and innovative solutions between OG representatives from different Member States. They may also help foster potential future collaborations between projects/actors in the research and innovation area and/or lead to the creation of transnational OGs.

The main goals of cross-visits are to:

  • Enable peer-to-peer learning and knowledge exchange on the innovations that the involved projects address and on their multi-actor approach, allowing a deeper understanding of the innovation processes, providing further inspiration to participants and fostering synergies between projects;
  • Discuss common challenges, research needs from practice, inspirational ideas and potential solutions;
  • Exchange and further disseminate project findings across the EU;
  • Create opportunities for potential future collaborations and/or partnerships.


Impacts of climate change, such as increased surface temperatures, changing precipitation patterns and prolonged draughts, are becoming increasingly evident. People working on and with the land are most directly affected. Innovative agricultural practices are key to reaching the EU climate goals and for making the sector more resilient. Through testing and implementing innovative practices on the ground, EIP-AGRI OGs are helping agriculture adapt to climate change e.g. tackling the effects of extreme weather events, water scarcity, loss of biodiversity, new emerging pest and diseases, and loss of soil organic matter through erosion.

Check out what participants in last year’s cross-visits have to say about their experience.

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