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CBE JU Stakeholder forum 2023

"What's next for the European bio-based sector?" will be the main theme of the first CBE JU Stakeholder Forum on 6-7 December 2023 in Brussels, Belgium. Join the conversation among stakeholders of the circular bio-based sector.

  • - CET
  • English
  • The Egg - Brussels, Belgium
  • In-person

After several years of online exchanges, the first CBE JU Stakeholder Forum will take place in person at The Egg venue. The event’s forward-looking focus will allow stakeholders from across the sector, from primary producers to researchers, industries and decision-makers, to engage in a compelling discussion on ways to bring bio-based solutions to the market.

The forum will focus on three questions that are crucial for the successful development of the circular bio-based sector across Europe:

  • How to stimulate demand for circular bio-based solutions?
  • How to facilitate access to finance to scale up circular bio-based production in Europe?
  • What R&I do we need to keep the European leadership in the bio-based sector in the medium-long term?

Successful examples and lessons learnt will underpin the discussion.

In addition to the forum themes, CBE JU is proposing to forum participants a set of topics for focused in-depth discussions:

  • Overcoming the challenges of biorefineries
  • Promoting bio-based industries in regions:
  • Engaging primary producers
  • Developing skills for the bio-based sector:
  • Promoting young researchers in the bio-based sector

Event participants will have the occasion to engage in the discussion via a set of event sessions, targeted workshops, and ample networking opportunities. An exhibition featuring the highly innovative bio-based solutions developed by CBE JU-funded projects will take place throughout the event.

To register and get more details, please visit the event webpage.

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