Evaluation Findings

Evaluation Findings

Results from an evaluation are based on evidence and provide insights into how to better design and implement policies in future.

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LEADER added value evaluation workshop
14 Dec 2023

Evaluation workshop: assessing LEADER added value 

LEADER stakeholders from around Europe met in Luxembourg last month to share practices on how to assess LEADER added value.

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Reports |

Assessment of the progress in implementing the evaluation plans of RDPs 2014-2022. Chapter 2 of the AIRs submitted in 2023

About a third of the evaluations completed in 2022 and documented in the AIRs in 2023 focused on sustainable management of natural resources and initiatives for climate action.

Vinicolas do Vale do Douro - Portugal
Member State Evaluation |

Evaluation of the Local Development Strategy of the LAG ADRAMA in 2019

An in-depth assessment of LAG ADRAMA's Local Development Strategy for 2014-2022, focusing on its alignment with national and EU regulations.

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Member State Evaluation |

Support for young farmers in Andalusia's Rural Development Programme 2014-2022 

An evaluation of the effectiveness and impact of 'Operation 6.1.1' in promoting sustainable agricultural activities among young Andalusian farmers.