News | 22 Nov 2022

New evaluation capacity building events promote knowledge exchange between Member States

The European Evaluation Helpdesk for the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) has launched a series of new capacity building events that will tap into EU Member States’ valuable evaluation experience and share it with others.

Launched in November 2022, EvaluationPEERS! is centred around peer-learning between groups of Member States eager to learn from others about a range of current and future CAP evaluation topics. Each event is designed to create an opportunity where Member States share experiences and lessons learnt in previous programming periods as well as discuss specific CAP evaluation challenges and solutions.

For instance, do Poland and Romania have similar questions regarding data management for environmental assessment? What if Lithuania, Croatia and Belgium can help each other learn how to enhance stakeholder involvement in evaluation activities? And do Greece and Latvia share an interest in learning how to improve assessment of CAP impacts on competitiveness?

New evaluation capacity building events

The overarching goal is to strengthen Member States’ evaluation capacity and support them through the next CAP’s obligations around planning and conducting evaluations. Geographic experts from each Member State will, in discussion with Managing Authorities, facilitate these discussions while the Evaluation Helpdesk provides further thematic experts, who, in specific cases, answer questions and provide in-depth presentations.

The materials and experiences developed by the Evaluation Helpdesk´s experts, and by the stakeholders in different Member States, will contribute to a pool of knowledge for further capacity building activities. Open questions highlighted during these events will also provide inspiration for new training materials in 2023.

From next year, these online peer-learning events will take place regularly, based on topics already proposed in 2022, as well as on new evaluation-related needs. This makes EvaluationPEERS! a highly flexible format to tackle the evaluation-related challenges facing Member States – contact to get involved!