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EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) Network
News article10 November 2022

Building sustainable, resilient and thriving rural places

CAP and its implementation through CSPs were under the spotlight during last month’s keynote OECD conference in Ireland, which was organised around the theme of building sustainable, resilient and thriving rural places.

Delegate forums organised during the event explored solutions to challenges experienced by SMEs, climate action projects and young people in rural areas. Holistic approaches working through the social economy and food systems’ frameworks were seen to be goals for policy-makers and other practitioners.

Food systems’ findings for instance were observed for their capacity to achieve efficiencies across production, processing, retailing and delivery of food. Delegates heard how different policy levers influence such synergies between food systems including agriculture, rural development, environment and public health. See the conference website for a full review of the event’s subjects and outcomes.

Countryside and lake


Publication date
10 November 2022
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