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Développement des circuits courts

Cette étude de cas méthodologique analyse l’approche collaborative de développement des circuits courts mise en œuvre…

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Generational renewal through rural development

This is the main report of a dedicated ENRD event on the topic. It outlines the challenges faced by young farmers and…

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Entreprises rurales : haut débit communautaire

Cette étude de cas comparative intitulée « Community broadband : new digital opportunities for rural areas » (Haut…

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EU Rural Review 3 ‘Rural Diversity’

Rural people’s dedication to the on-going development of diversity in Europe’s countryside forms the main focus of this…

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EU Rural Review 5 ‘Cultivating Competitiveness of the EU Farm, Agri-food and Forest Sectors’

Supporting EU agriculture, forestry and agri-food industries, combining competitiveness and multi-functionality.

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EU Rural Review 8 'Agricultural Product Quality: a Success Factor for EU Rural Areas'

Quality and organic products are a key part of the Common Agricultural Policy and an important objective of Rural…

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EU Rural Review 10 'Rural Entrepreneurship'

A closer look at how EU agriculture and rural development policy help promote rural entrepreneurship.

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EU Rural Review 12 'Local Food and Short Supply Chains'

How Rural Development Programmes (RDPs) are contributing to the promotion of local food production and short supply…

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EU Rural Review 16 'Knowledge Transfer and Innovation in Rural Development Policy'

Innovation is at the heart of the Europe 2020 strategy, which aims to promote smart, sustainable and inclusive growth…

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Revue rurale de l’UE « Agriculture familiale »

Les Nations unies ont déclaré 2014 l’ Année internationale de l’agriculture familiale, qui a pour principal objectif de…