Focus Group 'Regenerative agriculture for soil health'

Roots making their way in fresh soil

How can regenerative agriculture practices help farmers to restore, protect and improve soil health and productivity?


  • Take stock of the state of the art in regenerative agricultural practices, and highlight their benefits, challenges and opportunities from environmental, economic and societal points of view.
  • Discuss and identify potential solutions to the identified challenges and propose potential innovative solutions.
  • Collect and present success stories of regenerative agriculture practices in different regions and cropping systems across Europe.
  • Identify and collect practitioners’ needs for technical knowledge and advice for the successful implementation of regenerative agricultural practices.
  • Collect and identify innovative ways for knowledge exchange and dissemination related to regenerative agriculture.
  • Identify research needs from practice and possible knowledge gaps on regenerative agriculture and propose directions for further research.
  • Suggest innovative ideas for EIP-AGRI Operational Groups and other innovative projects.

Focus Group members

Mr/Ms Surname First name Profession Country
Ms. Almagro María Researcher Spain
Ms. Bajohr Christine Farm manager or owner Germany
Mr. Bay-Smidt Knud Farm manager or owner Denmark
Mr. De Neve Stefaan Researcher Belgium
Mr. Félix Noblia Farmer France
Mr. Fortino Gabriele Farm advisor France
Mr. Grand Alfred Farmer Austria
Mr. Klem Karel Researcher Czechia
Mr. Koster Howard Farmer Netherlands
Ms. Külvet Airi Farmer Estonia
Mr. Marhavy Lubomir Farm advisor Slovak Republic
Ms. Nielsen Claudia Farm manager or owner Denmark
Ms. Petrutis Karme Expert from an organisation, network, group or enterprise Estonia
Ms. Pinto-Correia Teresa Researcher Portugal
Ms. Orsolya Nyárai Expert from an organisation, network, group or enterprise Hungary
Ms. Reis Francisca Expert from an organisation, network, group or enterprise Portugal
Mr. Román-Vázquez Julio Researcher Spain
Ms. Trstenjak Magdalena Farm advisor Croatia
Mr. Vasilikiotis Christos Researcher Greece
Mr. Weber Thomas Maximilian Expert from an organisation, network, group or enterprise Austria

Facilitation team

Mr. Boulestreau Yann Coordinating expert
Ms. Ulm Liina Task manager
Mr. Verwimp Bavo Co-task manager