Focus Group 'Enhancing the biodiversity on farmland through high-diversity landscape features'

Norman bocage, hilly landscape of the English Channel

How can farmers create and maintain high-diversity landscape features (HDLF) that positively impact farmland biodiversity?


  • Identify the challenges and opportunities for farmers in introducing a greater diversity of HDLF to increase both the diversity and area of habitats and/or better connectivity between habitats.
  • Collect and highlight good practices and inspiring success stories, approaches and methodologies for introducing and maintaining HDLF at different scales and landscapes.
  • Identify examples of valorising (from the social and economic point of view) the ecosystem services provided by HDLF.
  • Identify capacity building experiences and needs for implementation of HDLF.
  • Suggest innovative HDLF and appropriate maintenance/management models essential to the value of landscapes and HDLF for wildlife.
  • Identify further research needs from practice, and possible gaps in technical knowledge.
  • Suggest innovative ideas for EIP-AGRI Operational Groups and other innovative projects.


Focus Group members

Surname First Name Profession Country
Aviron Stéphanie Researcher France
Dreisiebner-Lanz Sabrina Adviser Austria
Goggins Gary Civil servant Ireland
Goracci Jacopo Farmer Italy
Grebenc Tine Researcher Slovenia
Karoglan Todorovic Sonja Working at an NGO Croatia
Kavanagh Saorla Researcher Ireland
Kernecker Maria Researcher Germany
Kirchweger Stefan Researcher Austria
Långstedt Nina Farmer Finland
Mesmin Xavier Other France
Moosmann Simona Farmer Germany
Nyárai Orsolya Working at an NGO Hungary
Petrov Petar Researcher Bulgaria
Robles del salto José Fernando Adviser Spain
Santoro Antonio Researcher Italy
Špulerová Jana Researcher Slovakia
Stover Daniel Farmer United Kingdom
Trepp Rufus Civil servant Estonia
Zurbrügg Corinne Other Switzerland


Facilitation team

Surname First Name Profession Country
Blondeau Philippe Coordinating expert France
Maziliauskas Antanas Task manager Lithuania
Karasinski Céline Co-taskmanager France


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Starting Paper: Enhancing the biodiversity on farmland through high-diversity landscape features

(PDF - 12.7 MB)


Mini Paper 1: The role of knowledge and promotion

(PDF - 2.67 MB)


Mini Paper 2: Implementing high-diversity landscape features on farms: small changes but large gains

(PDF - 967.52 KB)


Mini Paper 3: Managing high-diversity landscape features for pollinators

(PDF - 3.41 MB)


Mini Paper 4: the social and cultural benefits of high-diversity landscape features

(PDF - 879.28 KB)


Mini Paper 5: Benefits of hdlfs for on-farm adaptation to climate change

(PDF - 1.27 MB)


Projects booklet: Studies from the EU CAP Network’s Focus Group on Enhancing the biodiversity on farmland through high-diversity landscape features

(PDF - 6.46 MB)