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European Forest Innovation Workshop

Express your interest to participate as a speaker at the 5th edition of the Forest Innovation Workshop, before 4 December 2022. This 5th edition focuses on “The role of innovation in managing new challenges in the forest-based sector at regional level in the EU”.

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Started in 2014 as a joint initiative of European regions and forest sector organizations, the 5th edition of the European Forest Innovation Workshop devoted to Inform-Prioritize-Collaborate: Cooperation of Regions on Innovation in Forest Management, Use of Wood and Forest-related Services, will take place on 18 January 2023 (full-day workshop) in Brussels, exact location to be confirmed. The topic of this 5th edition is “The role of innovation in managing new challenges in the forest-based sector at regional level in the EU”.

The main objectives of the event are:

  • Understanding the new framework for regional innovation policies addressing the forest- based sector in Europe
  • Presenting relevant innovations from different European regions that are helping address key European policy ambitions
  • Connecting experts and practitioners to speed up knowledge flows
  • Encourage public and private collaboration at EU and regional levels to foster innovation

The themes addressed in the workshop are:

  1. Carbon market, bioeconomy, climate smart forestry and rural development
  2. Forest degradation and nature restoration
  3. Ecosystem services and better integration in forest management

Digitalisation and social innovation are cross-cutting aspects contributing to the above themes.

An open call for expression of interest to participate as a speaker to present a case is open until 4 December 2022 at the following link.

Save the date in your agenda, to ensure that your voice is heard and that your views are shared by relevant EU and regional stakeholders. Help us to strengthen the contribution of forests and wood to the EU bio-economy and rural development.

The official invitation and registration page will follow soon.

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