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EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) Network
News article25 October 2022

Launch event: Networking to support CAP implementation

Monitoring committees, regional support and LEADER were the focus of ideas and ambitions proposed for networks at EU and national levels during workshop sessions on implementing CAP Strategic Plans at the launch event for the EU CAP Network.

The launch event for the EU CAP Network brought together around 320 participants from different Member States and new stakeholders from all around the EU. It engaged participants in designing the new EU CAP Network, giving them the possibility to reflect on the ambitions and the challenges ahead. This included workshop sessions on the role of networks at EU and national levels in implementing CAP Strategic Plans (CSPs).

Implementation workshop - EU CAP Network

Among the issues to be addressed were the benefits that could be gained for CSP monitoring committees from greater use of the new national networks’ capacities. Mechanisms for transferring networked knowledge outside the ‘network bubbles’ was considered key. Retaining regional inputs into national and EU networking also received significant support. Also noted was the need to strengthen LEADER’s inclusiveness by building on the methodology’s ability to help leave no-one behind in the CAP. More involvement of young people and researchers in networks was given prominence while other priorities included multi-lingual communication toolkits and making best use of the potential of advisory services.

Success factors comprised sharing of good and bad practices as well as the scope of network clusters to concentrate on specific actions that could add value for stakeholders. The ability of networks to provide outreach channels helping EU policies to be implemented at village level was recognised as important, as was the experience gained in using online and hybrid tools to make participation easier for all. Critical masses of knowledge were another added value feature of the networks that could be further fostered for the future.


Publication date
25 October 2022
CAP Implementation