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EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) Network

National CAP Networks

Networking at EU Member State level in the 2023-2027 programming period will mirror European level networking. In practice, this means that each Member State has been given the task of establishing a national network that includes stakeholders from all areas of the Common Agricultural Policy. 

National CAP networks have a key role in steering and driving forward policy as well as promoting stakeholder engagement, knowledge sharing and capacity building for EU Member States and other actors. They work towards meeting the shared networking objectives, contributing in particular to providing information to the public and potential beneficiaries about the CAP and its funding opportunities. 

National CAP networks will be launched as from 2023. In the meantime, a considerable amount of information about the existing National Rural Networks, including contact details and information about membership, governance and budget, can be found on the ENRD website. For further support on innovation, more information and contact details are available on the EIP-AGRI website. (i)  

(i) Please note that these links will redirect you to external webpages. This information will be soon available on our website.