Third Places for Europe

A three-day event bringing together public sector actors and project leaders: Round-table discussions, workshops, conferences, field visits to third places, presentations from researchers and experts!

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  • English
  • La Halle Tropisme - Montpellier, France
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Third Places for Europe

All over the world, citizen-led projects are springing up and thriving at the local, grass-roots level. They may operate under different monikers, but all of these initiatives are united by their ambition to bring people together in pursuit of collective goals. In France as elsewhere, co-working spaces, art occupations, fablabs, experimental farms, shared gardens, upcycling centres, hackerspaces and local distribution networks are all part of a vibrant web of third places, united by a bottom-up philosophy, a heavy emphasis on cooperation and a belief in the commons as the best way to handle the necessary transitions we face.

The goal of "Third Places of Europe" is to reinforce the cooperative relationships between the actors driving these projects, while also building stronger partnerships with local authorities.

Places are limited; some sessions will be livestreamed.

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La Halle Tropisme

121 Rue Fontcouverte Montpellier 34070 France